Three Kinds of Philanthropic Travel Programs (and what to do with each)

While there can be a lot of variety in terms of structure, purpose, and implementation, most philanthropic travel programs fall into three categories. It is helpful to understand these categories and their distinctions so that you can evaluate your organization’s current travel program and its ABC’s (actions, benefits, and challenges). For organizations who have yet […]

How to select the right internal manager for a trip

If you have an organization with more than four paid staff, this is for you… Planning a donor trip is tough work and usually involves the coordination of the Development staff, Leadership, Program/Field Staff, Partner Organizations, and Board. With so many stakeholders and different people involved, there should be nothing but clarity in terms of […]

Roles and Responsibilities in Planning a Donor Trip

Getting clear on roles and responsibilities for a donor travel program can be confusing. Nonprofits range in size and structure, so I developed this list as a reference – not a rule. Every organization is different and this graph may not accurately reflect your own, so take this format as an example of what I’ve seen […]

8 qualities to look for in trip participants

Before diving into the logistics of any nonprofit travel program, we must have clarity on who the right participants are for the trip. I always stress that any trip should be designed around one specific objective, with a clear understanding of the type of people that could help the organization achieve that objective. Whether your […]

Alumni trips vs Donor Trips: are they really one and the same…?

Alumni travel and donor travel have some essential differences in the type of participants they attract.  I recently met with a colleague from my university days and talked shop over some Portland coffee. He now works at a large university as a major gift officer. We spent quite some time talking about something that is […]