3 Tips to Avoid Stereotypes in Ethical Storytelling

One of our biggest challenges when writing about culture is avoiding stereotyping that culture. Sometimes our stories sound like stereotypes because we have failed to ask one important question of what we have written: “How do I know what I just wrote is true?” Dani Robbins, a nonprofit strategist, provided a great example of this […]

4 Ways to Balance Discussions of Culture through Ethical Storytelling

I get asked a lot about how to address culture—a group’s shared values and beliefs—through ethical storytelling. Nonprofit staff who are not members of the communities they serve sometimes struggle with authentically describing the role culture plays in their organizations’ work. This apprehension makes sense; there are a lot of good questions around this topic. […]

We See What We Already Believe: Guiding Donor Assumptions in Client Interactions

I’ve written quite a bit about how to prepare donors for their client experiences and what should be included in their guidebooks, but there’s one very important thing we need to address: assumptions and expectations. Although these words are often used interchangeably, in my work, I draw some critical distinctions between the two: Assumptions are […]