What Funders Get Wrong About Site Visits

Site visits play an important role in helping funders determine which organizations and causes to allocate resources to, but unfortunately these engagements are also ripe for exploitation. Staff in nonprofits often spend undue time preparing for and facilitating site visits from funders, much of it to the detriment of their programs. Nonprofit clients are sometimes […]

VIDEO: In Defense of the Volunteer a as Learner

The “Volunteer as Learner” is one of the least explored roles in voluntourism. Hear Caliopy’s take on why we need to talk more openly about this role in our volunteer programs.   View my article, 3 Models of Voluntourism: What You Need for an Ethical and Engaging Program here. View my Checklist here.

Where Do You Stand? The Hottest Issues in Storytelling Ethics Today

Nonprofits have come a long way in our understanding of the potential harm that can be done by exploitative fundraising campaigns.  However, we still struggle with certain storytelling practices.   I’ve curated a list of the three hottest topics in ethical storytelling right now and presented both sides of each argument. How you should proceed with each […]

Donor-Centric Language: Efficacy and Ethics

The language we use matters. When is donor-centric language an effective way of garnering support, and when do fundraisers cross the line in communicating real issues with transparency and authenticity? A long time ago (and yes, sometimes still today), nonprofits centered themselves in their communications to donors. Fundraising appeals were very – to put it bluntly […]

Cultural Dilemma: How Much Do We Really Have to Adapt?

As someone who has spent the last decade helping people work effectively across cultures, I often get asked, “How much do we really have to adapt to other peoples’ cultural differences?” Do we really need to ask about the weather before we can talk business? Do we really have to refrain from showing strong emotions […]