We are a unique player in in the field of Philanthropic Travel.

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Operating at the intersection of fundraising, mission-centric travel, and cross-cultural competency, we bring you the best and latest strategies from all three fields.

Our all in-inclusive packages provide you the stress-free support of a travel agent, the in-depth strategy analysis of a fundraiser, and the thoughtful and effective design of a cross-cultural consultant.



Fundraising Strategy
We are professional fundraisers who put your mission first.

We begin each engagement with a thorough assessment to ensure the trip will bring in the revenue you need. We plan every detail of the trip with your fundraising goals in mind.




Travel Facilitation
We provide you with everything needed for a successful trip. Not only will we handle all the logistics, but we provide valuable reports and analyses, fundraising strategies, and effective training to increase cultural sensitivity.

We are available to you before, during, and after the trip. Our packages include comprehensive pre-travel assessments as well as post-travel debriefs and sustainability plans.



Cross-Cultural Training
We have experience with travel design in low-resource settings and involving vulnerable populations.  Our trips strike the right balance between entertainment mission-centric experiences.

To be successful in engaging with other cultures, we have to adapt our behaviors and mindsets. This complex work can hardly be simplified in a one-page guide. Fortunately, we’ve got this down to a science. After years of facilitating pre-departure trainings, our approach is both effective and concise, ensuring your donors have the tools to adjust with confidence, comfort, and authenticity.

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