Assessment Services

Imagine embarking on your nxt trip with the complete confidence that you will see results.

  • If you’ve never done a donor trip before and don’t know where to start….
  • If you don’t have staff with donor cultivation trip expertise and aren’t sure you’re going to get it right….
  • If you’ve tried donor trips before and they just didn’t raise as much money as you hoped…

…then this assessment is for you.

With our assessment, you’ll have everything you need to make informed decisions about your fundraising goals and donor travel. If you have done donor trips before but haven’t quite found the perfect formula, this assessment can provide the clarity you need.

Your Benefits

  • Clear direction on where you are heading in your donor travel strategy
  • Expectations and projections on the performance of future trips
  • Enhanced awareness of the greatest strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for growth in your donor travel program
  • Multiple budgets and itinerary options to chose
  • Clarity around the metrics that will determine a trip’s success
  • Achievable goals (financial and otherwise) based on findings
  • An understanding of who is right for this trip based on your goals

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