Standard Services

Imagine having your next donor trip planned from start to finish and all the heavy-lifting is done for you.

  • If you are not sure how to recruit donors for the trip…
  • If you have limited staff support internationally and little time to deal with logistics…
  • If you are feeling overwhelming by the idea of having to manage everything…
  • If your team can’t take on adding more to their already-full plates…
  • If you are trying a new kind of trip and aren’t sure you’re going to get it right…

…then our Standard Package has you covered.

Once leadership and all stakeholders are on board with the plan and approach, we will finalize the itinerary and budget based on your decisions and goals, and begin coordinating the trip logistics. We will manage the vendors and ensure all elements of the trip work together seamlessly. We will play a critical role in helping you focus very clearly on the top-priority participants to cultivate, and to prepare them each step of the way. In addition to preparatory materials, we will facilitate a brief and effective cross-cultural training so that your donors get the most out of their experience.

Your Benefits

  • Donor travel expertise that complements and enhances staff abilities
  • Increased staff, board, and volunteer capacity to focus on majors gifts, events, marketing, and the many non-donor trip priorities on your lists
  • Travel design that strikes the right balance between entertainment and mission-centric experiences
  • A trusted liaison to your vendors, partners, and committees in travel planning and coordination
  • Structured guidance on which donors to approach and what to say
  • Peace of mind knowing that the dignity of your beneficiaries will not be jeopardized for exposure purposes
  • Assurance that your donors are entering the field with accurate expectations and the cross-cultural skills necessary to engage effectively with stakeholders


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