Evaluation Services

Once you return from travel, our in-depth evaluation and sustainability plan will build your organization’s internal capacity so that you can make informed decisions for future trips.

Success! You just had an amazing trip with your donors….now what?

How do you ensure longterm success and continued growth?

Following completion of the trip we will lead an in-depth debrief with staff and leadership to hear key findings and lessons learned. We will discuss and solidify your goals for the future, and begin to put the Donor Retention Plan into action so that you can continue to leverage the trip’s successes. We will also help you create lifelong storytellers in your donors and ensure they have the skills and materials needed to capitalize on the transformative experience of a donor trip.  These efforts will enhance the impact of the trip without adding more to the staff’s to-do lists.

Your Benefits

  • Clear follow-up plans for donor retention and strategic ideas to leverage gifts
  • Distillation of lessons-learned and best practices to inform future trips
  • Systems and processes to sustain the donor travel program
  • Strategies to grow the donor travel program and adapt it to the changing needs of the organization
  • A cohort of new storytellers and advocates who are poised and trained on how to promote your mission to their networks

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