Basic Services

Imagine having a guide you can turn to for support during the planning and implementation process.

  • If you have staff on-site internationally who are ready to handle all the logistics but need some direction…
  • If your staff know the culture intimately but are not sure how to convey the most important points to the donors….
  • If you are trying a new kind of trip and aren’t sure you’re going to get it right…
  • If you are feeling overwhelming by the thought of having to keep track of everything…

…then our Basic Package has you covered.

Instead of hiring another staff member or attempting to delegate the tasks to colleagues with already-full plates, we can be your trusted partner in implementing your next trip. With a clear understanding of your desired direction and the tools and templates we provide, your team will be prepared to execute the donor trip with ease and speed. Through the planning stage, we will work with your team to increase internal capacity and step in to implement as needed. We will also provide cross-cultural preparatory materials that you can use time and time again.

Your Benefits

  • Donor travel expertise that complements and enhances staff abilities
  • Increased staff, board, and volunteer capacity to focus on majors gifts, events, marketing, and the many non-donor trip priorities on your lists
  • Travel design that strikes the right balance between entertainment and mission-centric experiences
  • Assurance that your donors are entering the field with accurate expectations and the cross-cultural skills necessary to engage effectively with stakeholders



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