We help get your volunteer program off the ground by putting systems in place for recruiting, screening, on-boarding, preparing, and retaining volunteers. Once you get back from your first field assignment, we do an in-depth evaluation so that you can make informed decisions for future travel.

Full Program Support

Recruiting – We work with you to select the right participants for the trip, and to prepare them every step of the way. Together, we’ll determine effective recruiting methods and ways to market the program to broader audiences so that you can attract talent that matches your needs.

Screening – Our screening process is both effective and efficient – designed to identify the right people for the program and filter those who are not a match. We also provide interview questions and screening assessments needed to hone in on those key individuals.

On-boarding – Once participants are selected, you want to make sure you solidify their commitment by orienting them to your organization and programmatic work. We provide templates and processes for effective on-boarding and orientation.

Preparing – Before your volunteer’s first field assignment, we provide a country-specific pre-departure guidebook to inform traveler planning and preparation. We also administer the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) to all participants to reveal individual competences and limitations essential for working with human difference. The Pre-departure orientation will cover the specifics of a trip, set accurate expectations, and engage participants with interactive activities and exercises to put the new concepts to use immediately.

Retaining – Once the trip is over, we advise on the structure needed to continue cultivating the volunteer relationship, and to leverage the trip through marketing and communications. Your volunteers can make great storytellers and advocates if you empower them to share their experience with others!

These services are included in our Launch Volunteer Program package.


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