Cross-cultural training and coaching are an important part of all our donor trip packages and volunteer travel programs, but these services are sometimes needed on their own.We offer both Country-Specific Training and  Cross-cultural Competence Workshops that range from 3 hours to 2 days. The scope of the engagement will vary on the needs of your program and organization. We encourage you to get in touch to explore options.

What is included?

Every program necessitates a different level of training and preparation, but some samples from past experiences include:

  • A country-specific pre-departure guidebook to inform traveler planning and preparation.
  • Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) Assessment and debrief to reveal individual competences and limitations essential for working with human difference. The debrief can also be structured as a team-building opportunity.
  • Global Competency Inventory (GCI) Assessment and coaching for leadership to reveal individual competences and limitations , and create an individual plan to develop key competencies.
  • Pre-departure orientation to cover the specifics of a destination and set accurate expectations.
  • Self-awareness activities and exercises to put the new concepts to use immediately
  • Country-specific case studies and role play activities to learn from prior experiences and prepare for critical scenarios.

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