While virtual experiences continue to be the only way we can connect with our supporters during this pandemic, many organizations are wondering what more they can do to incorporate equity into their events. Don’t let this powerful principle live in the HR manual—in this article, I provide five ways to incorporate equity in your virtual
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Originally published in "Impact Tourism Handbook: Best Practices in Giving Time, Talent, & Treasure" by the Center for Responsible Travel. What is donor travel? Donor travel is a thriving and important subset of impact tourism. While it can be argued that all donor trips are considered impact trips, not all impact trips are considered donor trips. The
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In the fall of 2019, I was speaking with a client about creating a process for vetting prospective tour operators around equity. Her organization has a strong social justice component in their mission and wanted to ensure they were partnering with tour operators who shared their commitment. This proved challenging, as some tour operators only
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While many inspiring leaders and activists have stepped up to create and share resources on how to respond to the current movement, my colleagues in the fundraising space have lamented the lack specific ideas and tools for having critical conversations with donors. These conversations can feel daunting for organizations whose missions don’t explicitly include the dismantling
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We live in a time when remaining silent on critical issues is no longer possible. Even if we have been living lives of relative comfort—the lives of our friends, families, and neighbors are at stake. You know that you need to have more honest, transparent, and authentic conversations with donors, volunteers, and colleagues on race, bias,
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The COVID-19 outbreak has created challenges for the way nonprofits engage their supporters. While we remain apart from each other at physical distances, unable to travel or even convene in large groups, the question on everyone's mind is: how do we continue to steward and engage our donors while they can’t meet us in person,
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The outbreak of COVID-19 has presented a new urgency for nonprofits to engage donors virtually. After training over 5,000 people on virtual engagement and helping a dozen of my current clients come up with creative ideas, I put together this list of 10 tips to help fundraising and event staff focus their efforts on those
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I've received a lot of questions about the future of donor travel post-COVID-19 and want to offer my perspective. To see my forecasts on the travel industry with some specific predictions for donor travel, check out the bottom of my FAQs article here. So how will your travel program change after the crisis is over? In a
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Last month COVID-19 cases hit the United States with full force and I pivoted my content strategy. I took a break from providing new tools and content on my newsletter and instead sent out an offer to have a free 30-minute strategy call with anyone who felt they needed one. Many of folks took me up
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