• Develop a site-visit strategy to achieve your organization’s goals
  • Evaluate your current site-visit program and provide recommendations
  • Help your team plan and implement Learning journeys for board, stakeholders, and members
  • Help you curate ethical, sustainable, transformational travel opportunities for your guests that inspire empathy, action, and investment
  • Transform your partner interactions and communications into ethical, empathic catalysts of change
  • Provide travel design that cultivates empathy, not exploitation, so that you can rest easy knowing the dignity of the people you serve is not at stake

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  • Work one-on-one with your development staff, board, or leadership, to address your toughest challenges and achieve breakthroughs for your site-visits and grantee-engagement strategies
  • Provide expert guidance and strategies that ensure you are creating ethical, sustainable, transformational opportunities for funder-grantee engagement
  • Increase your team’s capacity and expertise

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  • Provide custom workshops to your team on philanthropy, transformational travel, ethical and empathic community engagement, and intercultural competence.
  • For examples of past workshops, click here.

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  • Serve as an on-call resource to your team and stakeholders for assistance in philanthropy, travel, grantee and community engagement, and intercultural competence.

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  • Partner with you as a strategic resource on a new project, campaign, or business model.

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