Caliopy Glares has a unique, proven, and well curated approach to setting meeting goals, facilitating discussions skillfully and delivering an experience that engages not only participants’ minds but also their hearts and passion for the meeting agenda at hand.  She has an expert skill – albeit innate! – in tailoring her work for each client and group. Her work with our Executive Advisory Council’s mid-year planning meeting in Northern Ireland resulted in accolades from all participants as one of the most productive EAC meetings ever.  Caliopy’s pre-meeting discussions proved invaluable for setting the energizing tone and format in addition to honing in on the most critical priorities for meeting content. Her sensitivity to the participants’ energy and shifting commentaries and questioning approach throughout the meeting ensured that all voices were heard and critical thinking and reflection remained central in all discussions. Her gracious and flexible facilitator-approach to listening and leading encouraged the free ebb and flow of commentary on a myriad of tangents, and ensured that all deliverables were met – and in fact exceeded!”