Donor Trips: Before and After COVID-19

I’ve received a lot of questions about the future of donor travel post-COVID-19 and want to offer my perspective. To see my forecasts on the travel industry with some specific predictions for donor travel, check out the bottom of my FAQs article here.

So how will your travel program change after the crisis is over?

In a nutshell, your usual processes and protocols will need to be more formalized, more flexible, and more detailed. For years many nonprofits have relied on “We’ve-been-lucky-so-far” Procedures and that time has come to and end. Now that we have all experienced some version of the “Worst Case Scenario” with coronavirus, I provide some illustrations of how the back-end processes for your donor trips will change, albeit with a bit of humor and satire…

Before and After COVID-19

Download the PDF here.


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