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Philanthropy Without Borders was founded by Caliopy Glaros, a strategist and facilitator who has worked around the globe growing impact for nonprofits, foundations, and corporations. Her practice of leading with empathy, centering client needs, and creating innovative solutions to the issues that come with the ever-changing landscape of need and giving have made her a popular consultant, coach, and trainer.

Workin at the intersection of philanthropy, organizational development, and intercultural communication, Caliopy has consulted organizations and teams in more than forty countries on five continents. Today she is a recognized expert on the topics of ethical storytelling and donor travel.

Caliopy has an academic background in Anthropology and Adult Learning, and is a certified trainer in Intercultural Communication.

As a Greek citizen who has grown up in the United States and Japan, she speaks three languages and has perpetual difficulty answering the question “Where are you from?”

She and a small team of experts make up the “we” of Philanthropy without Borders. To learn more about her work, check out the articles she authors for this website or get in touch with her directly.

Are you looking for a thought partner who will ask the right questions at the right time? Someone who listens and builds the strategy you need to succeed your way? Our team will come to know your service population as well as you do, and we will center them in our work, just like you do.

Whether your needs are fundraising, executive coaching, team support, strategy work, change management, or anything else, we lead with the human element and make your plans a reality.

The Impact

There is no right way to do the right thing. We craft and execute bespoke plans for each of our clients to make sure everyone involved feels welcome, valued, and vital. From the people we work for, to the people we work with, and the donors who support our cause: In every way we connect with each other, Philanthropy Without Borders is here to strengthen those bonds of connection with our practiced and proven process. 

We all deserve to thrive in our personal and professional missions, to do our work well, and to be shown our positive impact on the world. This is what we have done for 15  years in more than 40 nations; this is what we have done for our past and current clients; this is what we will do for you. 


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Our Impact


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At Philanthropy without Borders, we help nonprofits clarify their priorities, tell powerful stories, and raise more money so they can continue to tackle the world’s toughest problems. 

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