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Inspiring donors with the stories of our clients and service populations is the primary way we show that our work is important and impactful. How we tell these stories reflects our values, impacts our people, and gives our donors clues on how we want them to engage with our cause. 



Ethical storytelling is still not a common curriculum in nonprofit management courses; get custom training and coaching for your staff and help them thrive.



Our workshops offer a dynamic and immersive learning experience where participants actively collaborate, problem-solve, and innovate. These highly interactive sessions provide a platform for individuals to explore new concepts, share ideas, and develop practical strategies to address pressing challenges. With a focus on experiential learning and real-world application, our workshops foster creativity, teamwork, and a growth mindset, igniting a spark of inspiration that propels individuals and organizations forward.



Implement processes and policies that ensure client voices are centered and preserved every step of the way. 


Research and Insights

Drawing from deep experience in human-centered design and qualitative research, we help you to understand your clients’ contextual and motivational factors that create barriers in storytelling.

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Storytelling Excellence

As an organization, you can embody the practices of self-awareness (awareness of how your organization is situated within the community and how it is perceived by that community), as well as openness to client feedback, and willingness to change and adapt. Your storytelling strategy lies clearly at the intersection of these three elements: what compels donors to engage, how contributors want their stories told, and the strengths you bring to your role.

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At Philanthropy Without Borders, we work in true partnership with our clients around the world to deliver the highest impact by growing the strengths inherent in culturally diverse communities and distributed workforces.

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