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Philanthropy Without Borders Founder and Principal Consultant Caliopy Glaros is a sought- after speaker and trainer who has worked in nearly 40 countries around the world. Her focus on building connections, and creating knowledge through practical examples and storytelling creates lasting understanding. 

Clients value the perspective she brings to every talk and training. Caliopy combines a masterful knowledge of her craft, well-researched data, and the human element to teach high-level concepts in ethical storytelling that leave attendees inspired and ready to take action.

Book Caliopy if you’re ready to be engaged, knowledgeable, and invigorated in your work. 

Some of the organizations Caliopy has done trainings for:

How We Do It: Igniting Change All Around the World



“Caliopy’s Ethical Storytelling presentation VERY much contributed to our organizational knowledge—and it’s making its way around our university! You can’t imagine how this just CLICKED with everyone. We started changing things immediately.”

Anne Murphy
Founder & CEO, Empowered Fundraiser



“I have attended and participated in a lot of presentations during my career, and Caliopy’s was one of the best I have attended. Her level of preparation was impressive, her command of her issue was first rate, and the presentation was highly professional – she was clear, direct, compelling and persuasive. The luncheon was one of the most popular put on by GlobalPDX during my time with the organization. I am impressed with her command of her topics, and indeed I would say that she has achieved a level of mastery. She brings intellect, professionalism, emotional intelligence and empathy to her chosen profession. I have no hesitation in recommending Caliopy to any organization that is either organizing overseas visits, and also recommend her for any conference/panel discussions.”

Clarence Edwards
Executive Director, E3G




“Caliopy Glaros was a positively riveting speaker, leading the most well attended and impactful session in our Lunch and Learn speaker series. Before her presentation Caliopy did an incredible job of researching our attendees and tailoring her presentation for their needs. While all of our presentations in this series have had positive feedback, Caliopy’s session was the only one that left our attendees in awe: praising her content, style, and clarity all of the way out of the room, down the hall ways, and back to their cars.”

Jennifer Miller
Initiative LeadGlobalPDX

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