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Nothing is more inspirational than experiencing the impact firsthand. You’ve told your story successfully many times through mailings, videos, presentations, and social media, but now it’s time to take it to the next level. Asking for an bigger investment requires a bigger approach. By giving your donors a transformative experience in the field they will be all the more ready to deepen their commitment.

We help organizations build and optimize donor travel programs that inspire generosity, cultivate empathy, deepen learning, and connect people across cultures in mutually beneficial ways.


  • Develop a travel program strategy to achieve your organization’s goals
  • Evaluate your current travel program and provide recommendations to optimize and enhance your work
  • Help you team plan and implement journeys for donors and volunteers while eliminating stress, increasing internal capacity, and allowing your team to focus on the top priorities instead of the minutiae
  • Help you recruit and steward the right participants for your journeys to meet your fundraising goals
  • Conduct a feasibility assessment that takes the guesswork out of your next donor trip, enabling you to make informed decisions, budget accordingly, project accurately, and proceed with confidence
  • Provide travel design that cultivates empathy, not exploitation, so that you can rest easy knowing the dignity of the people you serve is not at stake
  • Help you curate ethical, sustainable, transformation travel opportunities for your guests that inspire empathy, action, and investment
  • Build fundraising and travel program infrastructure that bolsters internal capacity and establishes best practices for your organization in order to ensure future success.

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  • Work one-on-one with your development staff, leadership, or Senior Travel Planner to address your toughest challenges and achieve breakthroughs for your donor and volunteer trips
  • Provide expert fundraising guidance and strategies that ensure you  target the right donors and create power experiences that inspire increased investments
  • Increase your team’s capacity and expertise

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  • Provide custom workshops to your team on fundraising, transformational travel, ethical and empathic community engagement, and intercultural competence
  • For examples of past workshops, click here

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  • Serve as an on-call resource to your team and stakeholders for assistance in fundraising, travel, donor and community engagement, and intercultural competence

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