5 Donor Travel Myths Busted

I‘ve been consulting on donor trips for a while now, and have come across a fair share of assumptions and ill-informed beliefs. In this article, I spell out the most common myths and misconceptions I have encountered…and saved the very best for last. 1. Donor trips have low retention. Like any event, donor trips attract […]

COVID-19 and Donor Travel: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Last month COVID-19 cases hit the United States with full force and I pivoted my content strategy. I took a break from providing new tools and content on my newsletter and instead sent out an offer to have a free 30-minute strategy call with anyone who felt they needed one. Many of folks took me […]

Case Studies of Fundraising and Education in Trips

The balance between fundraising and education in nonprofit travel programs is not easy to achieve. It takes thorough planning and a little trial and error to get the mix right. In a previous article, I examined the role of ten factors and helped you place your organization on a continuum of fundraising and education. In […]

The Role of Fundraising in Your Trips

Many nonprofits wonder what the right balance is between fundraising and education in their travel programs. While every trip aims to be educational, at the very least informing the travelers about the organization and its work, but the extent to which we use these experiences as opportunities for fundraising differs drastically by program and organization. […]