Five Roles for Staff on Trips

Staff members are selected to participate in donor trips for a variety of reasons. In an earlier article I published on roles and responsibilities, I argued that the staff members physically attending the trip should be those folks who hold the relationships with the key travelers and who are comfortable with the fundraising element. While […]

How to Select the Right Staff for Your Trips

Selecting the right staff member(s) to attend your donor trips is a special challenge for many organizations. No matter how small the shop, these decisions can be very political and sometimes determined by arbitrary or irrelevant factors. Rather than dwell on what those may be, I’ve provided an article on factors you do need to […]

Challenges Faced by Staff in Donor Travel Programs

The theme for today’s article is challenges. Why challenges and not solutions? Based on my experience, every organization’s solutions are unique, but the problems are all quite similar. Just defining the problem in a clear and simple way can help better point us to a solution. I’ve already addressed the two kinds of donor travel challenges most organizations […]