Cultural Dilemma: How Much Do We Really Have to Adapt?

As someone who has spent the last decade helping people work effectively across cultures, I often get asked, “How much do we really have to adapt to other peoples’ cultural differences?” Do we really need to ask about the weather before we can talk business? Do we really have to refrain from showing strong emotions […]

Respect and Dignity are Not Good Enough: A Common Pitfall in Ethical Communications

If your Ethical Fundraising Guidelines rely on words like “Dignity” and “Respect” to inform behavior and practice, chances are you’re not accomplishing very much. When I read through guidelines for ethical storytelling or ethical photography and come across the phrases like “we believe in treating everyone with respect,” I’m inclined to ask three questions: What is considered […]

5 Tips to Collect Real Feedback

When portraying people who have benefitted from the work of our organizations, it’s important that they have a meaningful voice in their portrayal. Collecting their feedback is one of the only ways we can be sure to treat others the way they want to be treated. But we don’t know how they want to be […]