Intercultural training and coaching are an important part of all our programs, but these services are sometimes needed on their own. We offer both country-specific training and  intercultural competence workshops that range from 3 hours to 2 days. The scope of the engagement will vary on the needs of your program and organization. We encourage you to get in touch to explore options.

What is intercultural competence?

Successful interaction across differences is three-fold: First, you must possess an awareness of yourself and your own culture – or – the factors that influence the way you think and behave. Second, you must possess an awareness of the differences around you – that other humans think and behave differently for different reasons and are influenced by different factors. Third, you must be flexible and willing to adapt elements of your own thinking and behavior to interact successfully with others, and be ready for others to adapt to you as well.

The ability to foster authentic and trusting relationships with people from other cultures is essential to success in our hyper-connected world.

The benefits to you and your participants (donors, staff, volunteers, interns)

The benefits to your organization

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What is included?

Every program necessitates a different level of training and preparation, but some samples from past experiences include:

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