VIDEO: Same Hotel or Different

Many organizations wonder if they should put all their travelers in the same hotel while on a donor trip, or divide people up based on their accommodation preferences. Hear Caliopy’s take on the issue.

VIDEO: To Travel or To Give? That is the Question

Many organizations believe that donor trips are a waste of resources – that donors should give money directly to the organization instead of spending it on plane tickets to travel to the site. In this short video, Caliopy Glaros debunks this myth and explains why we shouldn’t be comparing the intrinsic value of travel to […]

VIDEO: In Defense of the Volunteer a as Learner

The “Volunteer as Learner” is one of the least explored roles in voluntourism. Hear Caliopy’s take on why we need to talk more openly about this role in our volunteer programs.   View my article, 3 Models of Voluntourism: What You Need for an Ethical and Engaging Program┬áhere. View my Checklist here.