Philanthropy without Borders is a boutique consulting firm that helps mission-driven organizations engage their supporters through travel, storytelling, and virtual experiences.

Our expertise lies at the nexus of communication, engagement, and immersion, where we provide strategic guidance and facilitate opportunities that inspire generosity, cultivate empathy, deepen learning, and connect people across cultures in mutually beneficial ways.

Donor Travel

Nothing is more inspirational than experiencing the mission firsthand. You’ve told your story successfully many times through mailings, videos, presentations, and social media, but now it’s time to take it to the next level. By offering your donors a transformative experience in the field they will become lifelong champions for the organization. 

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Ethical Storytelling

Do you struggle to portray your program participants as their own agents of change, while admitting that they also need your organization’s help? We can guide you step-by-step in evaluating your own communications, defining ethical excellence in your storytelling process, and securing buy-in from your team so that you can launch your new strategy with success.

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Virtual Engagement

Engaging a broad supporter base can be a challenge when many of those supporters are not able to attend your in-person events and experiences. Donors want to be part of your success story. We help organizations create virtual events and experiences that mobilize resources, engage new supporters, catalyze increased investments from current supporters, and expand awareness of the mission.

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