3 Creative Approaches to Inviting Major Donors on a Trip

A lot has been written about travel marketing – including what images or words help people begin imagining themselves in a place, and then instill such a desire to go there that those people book the trip on the spot. This is not that article. Rather than focus on glossy brochures or vivid language, this […]

4 Ways to Recruit for a Donor Trip

After two years of a pause in travel for most organizations, it is clear by now that the industry has rebounded, with demand returning before supply can even catch up. This past year I’ve seen donor trips fill faster than ever, with little signs of that trend slowing down in 2023. With such overwhelming demand, […]

Putting Theory into Practice for Donor-Client Engagements

The cornerstone of my life’s work has been to understand what helps people communicate and collaborate more effectively across human differences. When I first started Philanthropy without Borders, my intention was to was to dismantle the exploitative elements often inherent in donor-client interactions by making the very best research in the social sciences readily applicable […]

5 Donor Travel Myths Busted

I‘ve been consulting on donor trips for a while now, and have come across a fair share of assumptions and ill-informed beliefs. In this article, I spell out the most common myths and misconceptions I have encountered…and saved the very best for last. 1. Donor trips have low retention. Like any event, donor trips attract […]

How to Convince Your Program Staff That Donor Trips Are Essential

As fundraising and marketing staff, you understand the why of donor trips, but a challenge you may still face is convincing your colleagues in the program department why they should take time to participate in a donor trip. (If you are wondering how program staff should and shouldn’t be involved in donor trips, see articles […]