Beyond Donor Travel: Tips and Tools for a Successful Adventure

Originally published in “Impact Tourism Handbook: Best Practices in Giving Time, Talent, & Treasure” by the Center for Responsible Travel. What is donor travel? Donor travel is a thriving and important subset of impact tourism. While it can be argued that all donor trips are considered impact trips, not all impact trips are considered donor […]

COVID-19 and Donor Travel: Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Last month COVID-19 cases hit the United States with full force and I pivoted my content strategy. I took a break from providing new tools and content on my newsletter and instead sent out an offer to have a free 30-minute strategy call with anyone who felt they needed one. Many of folks took me […]

3 Models of Voluntourism: What You Need for an Ethical and Engaging Program

Lack of clarity around the role of the volunteer causes many organizations to struggle in matching offers of help with their critical needs. This article aims to help organizations and individuals identify the right volunteer model for their engagement.¬† While almost every nonprofit relies on the support of volunteers, not all of them are using […]

VIDEO: In Defense of the Volunteer a as Learner

The “Volunteer as Learner” is one of the least explored roles in voluntourism. Hear Caliopy’s take on why we need to talk more openly about this role in our volunteer programs.   View my article, 3 Models of Voluntourism: What You Need for an Ethical and Engaging Program¬†here. View my Checklist here.